How reading assessment impacts the entire learning path
By Søren Jegindø

Assessment of reading improvement involves the measurement of skills and knowledge gained over a while and is commonly referred to as achievement testing. Sometimes, assessments of reading proficiency are used to measure a student’s academic progress.

Here are 7 list outs of how reading assessment impacts the entire learning path.

1- Improves vocabulary
2- Improves fluency of the speech.
3- Enables better writing abilities.
4- Generates healthy competition amongst students for improvising.
5- Traces your strengths and weaknesses that enhance your command over text.
6- Boost academic performance.
7- Introduces to multiple segments of learning, knowledge, and experiences.

Learning to read is one of the most crucial skills that a child develops in school. Reading is considered to be essential for a child’s education, intellectual growth, and sense of inclusion amongst other students. It is well known that children who do not learn to read tend to develop psychological and emotional distress that is further manifested by low self-esteem and lack of motivation. Therefore it could be very aptly said that reading assessment does impact the entire learning path.

Søren Jegindø
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