How to effectively teach multilingual learners!
By Søren Jegindø

Every student is a unique, complex, and multifaceted individual who brings their knowledge, skills, and cultural understandings to the learning. Valuing all the languages equally while teaching multiple languages becomes the prime responsibility. Teaching students in a manner they enjoy the most will leave an unfading impression on their minds thus easing their learning process.

Here are the 7 ways how one can effectively teach multilingual learners.

1- Identify tools that can be made available to students.
2- Using multimedia to enhance the experience of learning.
3- Be kind, patient, and supportive.
4- Introduce meaningful tasks.
5- Introduce clear and realistic learning goals while simultaneously ensuring that learners understand them.
6- Aim to provide stimulating learning environments to foster adaptability.
7- Teach culture alongside the language as this will make students visualize and give a better command of what they are learning.

Languages play a pivotal role throughout life. It is the most important mode of communication. Hence the above effective ways if made available to students to help them become better language learners will prove to be of optimum help to the budding learners.

Søren Jegindø
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Søren Jegindø has significant operational and managerial experience from Key Positions in Europe, East Africa, and South Africa. He, also, had stints at leading Danish companies. He possesses great adaptability, lots of transferrable skills, and a drive to keep learning. He has taken his career across multiple sectors with different responsibilities.

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