Why introducing students to multiple languages essential?
By Søren Jegindø

In today’s increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, proficiency in more than one language is a vital skill. It opens the door of opportunity to engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful manner.

Here are 7 benefits of why introducing students to multiple languages is essential.

1. Boosts professional and career advantages.
2. It inculcates more social and global skills.
3. Develops empathy towards different cultures.
4. Strengthens brain muscles.
5. Enhances the ability of multitasking and creativity.
6. Improves performance in other academic areas.
7. Develops native vocabulary.

Learning multiple languages does not simply benefit students in the classroom but helps them incorporate growth towards a broader aspect of the world. Learning a new language at a young age might reap more benefits however, it is never too late to learn! The world moves at a fast pace and we must keep up with the changes by developing new skills, learning more about ourselves, and also, learning a new language.

Søren Jegindø
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Søren Jegindø has significant operational and managerial experience from Key Positions in Europe, East Africa, and South Africa. He, also, had stints at leading Danish companies. He possesses great adaptability, lots of transferrable skills, and a drive to keep learning. He has taken his career across multiple sectors with different responsibilities.

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