Inculcating writing habits in students.
By Brian Baptista

To effectively stimulate a community of young writers, teachers need to create an environment that is safe and yet encourages positive risk, and provides the support for learning the skills essential for the craft of writing.

Here are 7 tips on how teachers can inculcate writing habits in students.

1- Give them the space for free handwriting. Communicate and let them write their topic of interest.
2 - Allow time. Encourage them even if they write at a slow pace.
3 - Appreciate even if the write-ups are small.
4 - Let them read aloud while they write. This will allow more focus.
5 - Encourage mistakes.
6 - Assign frequent writing tasks.
7 - Provide Them Vocabulary Box.

Balanced Literacy provides the teacher with many opportunities to model writing for their students, thereby infusing the skills necessary for their students to develop.

However, it is extremely necessary to inculcate the habit of writing amongst students for better understanding, language adaptability, and communication.

Brian Baptista
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