Make reading fun for students!
By Brian Baptista

Reading is an essential part of education and an important foundation for all other subject areas. Students deserve reading experiences that resonate with their joyful spirits and desire to explore and play.

Here are 7 on how to make reading fun for students.

1 -Playing games that revolve around reading. Eg. Pictionary. Ask students to read a passage and represent characters, instances, important elements of the passage by drawing pictures.
2 - Hosting a Reading contest.
3 - Reward them for reading. Give them incentives or a small token of appreciation like stars on books candies. etc.
4 - Act Out the Story - Bring a story to life by acting it out and role-playing together as a group.
5 - Create an amalgamation of reading with digital visual representation.
6- Display Books - Make books a part of classroom d├ęcor. Make books easily accessible to students.
7- Do not force compulsion on reading. Inculcate the habit wisely.

Making reading fun fosters a love for reading. Because Reading needs to be cultivated wisely and should remain as enjoyment for students and not punishment.

Brian Baptista
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Brian Baptista has a passionate commitment to education and is a well-known Educational and Business consultant, with the prior successful startup Copublica, that specialized in international development projects in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia..

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