Inculcating reading habits in students.
By Brian Baptista

As reading is the most important aspect of learning it is essential to introduce the concept to students from an early age. Nevertheless, it is never too late to pick a habit as reading improves memory and cognitive ability which means it's a healthy habit that can help kids in and outside the classroom. Along with that improved brainpower comes an improved vocabulary and imagination abilities.

Here are the 7 tips on how to inculcate the habit of reading in students.

1- Give them the space to choose what they want to read.
2- Encourage frequent library visits.
3- Create a reading space and corner.
4- Recommend books that can be a good and interesting read.
5- Gift them books as rewards.
6- Introduce them to book fairs.
7- Connect reading with day-to-day experiences and learnings.

Good readers learn habits that help them become strong and fluent. Therefore it is extremely vital to inculcate the habit of reading as it generates a sense of independence and self-reliance amongst the students.

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