Elevating mathematical skills is important in coding?
By Søren Jegindø

Coding is not just a great elective or extra activity, it can also provide an avenue to apply and deeply engage in mathematical concepts or vice versa. Computer Programming is a very broad term. It revolves around solving problems by the means of writing Algorithms and translating them into a programming language.

Here are 7 reasons why elevating mathematical skills are important in coding.

1. Promotes Abstract Reasoning.
2. Boost the ability to estimate or understand differences between numbers.
3. Increases coding confidence.
4. Boost logical thinking/analysis.
5. Teaches how to use abstract language for programming.
6. Helps in analyzing the work more efficiently.
7. Math teaches how to work with algorithms which are among the most bandied-about terms in computer technology.

The kind of mathematical background needed for coding precisely depends on the problem you are working on.
To give a few examples:

Working on Machine Learning might require advancement in the following mathematical terms: Matrix algebra, Bayesian statistics, Multivariable calculus, Information theory or Probability
Similarly, while working on Cryptography might require advancement in the following: Discrete mathematics, Number theory etc.
However, while introducing Coding at an early age the concepts will start from the very basics further ascending to higher levels.

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