How to teach coding effectively?
By Søren Jegindø

Learning to speak computers is considered difficult due to general variance in the way we think, perceive and learn things; some might find it frustratingly easy and others might find it impossible. Learning to code is really hard and teaching code can be even harder as there comes no boot camp in ‘How to Teach Code in a jiffy’. For beginners, it can prove to be a little difficult however, it is totally doable.

Here are 7 ways of how to teach coding effectively.
1- Introduce the basics first
2- Make them learn a little more. Encourage students to chat with their friends about the subject.
3- Let them try something small. Keep students expectations realistic in the beginning.
4- Use age-appropriate coding language.
5- Coding can prove to be a tedious job. Encourage students to refresh themselves at infrequent intervals.
6- Introduce them to have a hands-on experience by experimenting with live coding.
7- Let children assume their predictions and anticipate.

In a nutshell, there are the broad-line concepts of difficulties to teach the first programming language as learning a completely new thing is not easy and teaching something that one knows deeply to a beginner has many challenges that one need to be mindful of.

However, these 7 ways will definitely ensure to pave the path towards teaching coding in an effective manner.

Søren Jegindø
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