Improvising makerspace experience for kids.
By Brian Baptista

Makerspace is becoming a popular and acceptable option for teaching STEM subjects and boosting growth and development for critical thinking, reasoning analysis skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. It is a process and space for learners to collaborate, engage, practice, and work together that result in encouraging the spread of knowledge and learning.

Here are 7 ways to improvise the experience of makerspace for kids.

1- Encourage the use of discarded and unused materials.
2- Encourage construction of ideas, models and projects.
3- Encourage them with small tasks and healthy competition.
4- Basics can turn out to be optimal. With just cardboard, scissors, and tape, your students can compete in the Cardboard Challenge
5- Incorporate digital elements.
6- Permit students to use blocks and mobile devices to design their videogame.
7- Give space to try circuit activities.

Regardless of the kind of space one is interested in creating the need for creativity, space, teachers, skills, and of course, learners are of prime importance., Makerspaces are the perfect addition to any learning space.

Brian Baptista
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Brian Baptista has a passionate commitment to education and is a well-known Educational and Business consultant, with the prior successful startup Copublica, that specialized in international development projects in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia..

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