3D Printers in Makerspace
By Brian Baptista

3D printer in a makerspace helps one develop creative and critical thinking skills, design processes, collaborative dispositions and innovative ideas. It ensures the completion of a physical object based on a computer model is simplified. It is the fastest and most economical way to produce small parts before more complex production measures.

Here are 7 benefits of 3D Printers in Makerspace

1- Provides a variety of learning experiences.
2- Offers the ability to experience projects from the model stage to the actual creation of the model.
3- Provides opportunities to experiment with ideas, expanding and growing creativity.
4- A visual learning environment improves understanding.
5- Enables the approach of acceptance. That it is perfectly acceptable to fail then try again to improve while learning in every effort till completion.
6- Boost confidence.
7- Ensures active and engaged participants through the conception, design, and execution of the process.

Makerspaces are popping up everywhere and 3D printers seem to be on the top of everyone’s must-have lists. Apart from giving a wide range of experience, it ensures the total involvement of a student’s thus giving a new and concrete experience in every try they make.

Brian Baptista
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